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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Andrew Murray's "Waiting on God" (Day #1)

Andrew Murray's "Waiting on God" (Day #1)

361px-Andrew_Murray It would seem that a great deal of my study, during the past year, has been from the words of dead guys.

I can recall A.W. Pink, Jonathan Edwards, William Wilberforce, John Calvin, to name a few.

As I mentioned yesterday, I am about to journey on a 32 day reading of Andrew Murray's, "Waiting on God".

Andrew Murray was a pastor/author, from South Africa, in the Dutch Reformed Church. He lived from 1828, until he reached 88 years old in 1917. Here is a little more biographical information, from Calvin College's "Christian Classics Ethereal Library".

Andrew Murray shares in his preface, that more than half of these 31 meditations, were written on board a ship, traveling between South Africa, and England.

Murray shares why he wrote this particular set of meditations: "Previous to my leaving for England last year, I had been much impressed by the thought of how, in all our religion, personal and public, we need more of God. I had felt that we needed to train our people in their worship more to wait on God, and to make the cultivation of a deeper sense of His presence - of more direct contact with Him, of entire dependence on Him - a definite aim of our ministry."

Murray further goes on to say:

"But what I want to say here is this: The great lack of our religion is, we do not know God. The answer to every complaint of feebleness and failure, the message to every congregation or convention seeking instruction on holiness, out to be simply: 'What is the matter? Have you not God? If you really believe in God, He will put all right. God is willing and able by His Holy Spirit. Cease from expecting the least good from yourself, or the least help from anything there is in man, and just yield yourself unreservedly to God to work in you. He will do all for you.' "

Finally, Andrew Murray quotes a keynote struck from the first Keswick Convention in 1875:

"My Soul! Wait only upon God, for my expectation is from Him"

I am looking forward to this journey. I hope that you will come along, and share in my discoveries.

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