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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Steady progress made toward Bible curriculum in Haiti


Haiti (MNN) ― Haiti's school system is still recovering from the January quake--a disaster which revealed the country's gaping holes in resources.

Baptist Haiti Mission found this to be especially true for Bible classes. Prior to the disaster, there was no standard: each BHM-sponsored school taught what they wanted for Bible class, which made it difficult to measure students' progress or ensure consistency.

In 2006, they tried to purchase a strong Bible curriculum in French, but couldn't find anything suitable for the rural Haitian schools, so they decided to write it themselves.

The team decided to start the lessons by giving students an overview of the entire Bible in grades 1 through 4. Students would then have an Old Testament survey in grade 5, and a New Testament survey in grade 6. The Bible curriculum would include songs, Bible memory passages, Bible doctrine, stories, questions for review and application, and a simple workbook.

Teachers are excited about the plans to have solid, standard lessons they can use to give students a deeper knowledge and understanding of God's Word.

Their goal: to produce curriculum for one grade each year through grade 6.

As with any project, there are detours and delays. Last year, the team had the first grade material in a few local schools to test it and see what the teachers and students thought. Based on that feedback, they are making a few edits and trying to get the material prepared and back on track for the rest of the 350 schools affiliated with BHM.

Through the power of prayer, they trust that God will bring this project to completion and many boys and girls throughout Haiti will hear the Gospel as a result.

Pray that God would give wisdom to the writers and unity among the committee.

Funding is also a challenge. You can also support the curriculum development by designating your gift as "Bible curriculum."

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