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Monday, September 20, 2010

Therefore, just as through one

12 Therefore, just as through one Adam (one man, humanity, Adam), Chet (Sin) entered into the Olam Hazeh and, through Chet (Sin), entered Mavet (Death); and so Mavet (Death) passed through to kol B'nei Adam (all Mankind, all the sons of Adam), because all sinned. 13 For before (the epoch of) the Torah (Law), Chet (Sin, Chet Kadmon, original sin) was in HaOlam (HaZeh, the world). But Chet (Sin) is not accounted, recorded [TO MAKE CHARGES FOR DEATH PENALTIES] in the absence of Torah [I.E., NO LAW, NO VIOLATION, DEATH PENALTY]. 14 Nevertheless, Mavet (Death) reigned supreme from (the epoch of) Adam until (the epoch of) Moshe Rabbeinu, even over those who did not sin in the very same manner of Adam's averah (transgression, disobedience, commandment rebelled against and recorded for death penalty)-- that is, Adam who is a tipus (pattern, prophetic type), a demut he'atid (a future figure) of Hu HaBah ("He who comes," Moshiach the Coming One, the Coming Go'el Redeemer YESHAYAH 59:20; IYOV 19:25)

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