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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Romans 4 19 RWP

Without being weakened in faith (mh asqenhsa th pistei). "Not becoming weak in faith." Ingressive first aorist active participle with negative mh. Now as good as dead (hdh nenekrwmenon). Perfect passive participle of nekrow, "now already dead." B omits hdh. He was, he knew, too old to become father of a child. About (pou). The addition of pou (somewhere, about) "qualifies the exactness of the preceding numeral" (Vaughan). The first promise of a son to Abraham and Sarah came ( Genesis 15:3 ) before the birth of Ishmael (86 when Ishmael was born). The second promise came when Abraham was 99 years old ( Genesis 17:1 ), calling himself 100 ( Genesis 17:17 ).

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