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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Romans 4 21 RWP

Being fully assured (plhroporhqei). First aorist passive participle of plhroporew, from plhroporo and this from plhrh and perw, to bear or bring full (full measure), to settle fully. Late word, first in LXX but frequent in papyri in sense of finishing off or paying off. See on "Lu 1:1"; see also "Ro 14:5". What he had promised (o ephggeltai). Perfect middle indicative of epaggellomai, to promise, retained in indirect discourse according to usual Greek idiom. He was able (dunato estin). Present active indicative retained in indirect discourse. The verbal adjective dunato with estin is here used in sense of the verb dunatai ( Luke 14:31 ; Acts 11:17 ).

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